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When You Fail, What Is Your First Question?

Notice it says, “when” you fail. Failure is inevitable. It might be something small, or it might be something big, but failure will happen and you should not be afraid of it.

After not succeeding at your goal, simply ask yourself, what could I have done differently?

● Did I prepare myself as much as I could?

● Did I cut corners in my preparation?

● Was I honest with myself that I attained a level of understanding that was ready to complete the task?

● When my moment came to shine, did I execute the plan or did something get in the way of attaining my goal?

The list can go on and on for understanding what went wrong to cause failure, but being inquisitive to the reality that you did not achieve your goal is extremely important.

When you fail, never stop trying.

This part is simple but hard. No one enjoys failure and there is the immediate reaction that you do not ever want to attempt this again. We have all been there at one time or another. However, at the conclusion of your failed attempt, immediately comes something special: another opportunity.

Failure is not always a negative outcome. Through failure, you will learn what did not work. Through failure, you will find aspects of your life that you do not want to attempt again. Failure is simply something that didn’t work out for you in one moment of your life. What is in front of you is another opportunity. Try again.

Failure is a part of life. Embrace it. Understand that it can be temporary, it is sometimes out of your control, and always try again.

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