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A Book of Life Skills for Young Adults

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"Make Your Footprints"
by Jeremy Bradstreet

"Make Your Footprints" is a collection of 18 short parables for young adults ready to tackle the next challenge in their life.  Each chapter gives insights into topics that are not typically taught in the classroom which gives the reader a chance to develop and enhance the tools necessary to make their own footprints.  This witty, insightful book is a perfect gift for any graduate or young adult making their way through life.

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Why this book is important for

a Young Adult

Let's get honest. Our life's journey is just that, our journey. Make Your Footprints is in no way a manual for life. However, it simply hopes to help open doors, get ideas to emerge, and have thoughts become actions for young adults. We hope the reader takes an idea, adapts it to their own specific situation, and then brings to life concepts that will make their day or their situation better than it was the day before. Whether or not you want to know more about life skills or you are a parent wanting your child to get more information about the world around them, Make Your Footprints, is a fun and insightful book for the young adult ready to tackle the world.

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