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It Is Impossible For Humans To Fail

Don’t believe in failure.

Failure is a concept that only exists as a moment in time and is not connected to a human condition. Somehow our society has taken this word and given it a longstanding derogatory meaning. And because we view this word the same as we view an object or company that no longer exists, the word “failure” cripples people from even beginning to try something new.

However, this word truly has no connection with a human in the same way it can be used for something humans create.

The word failure can be used for companies and it can absolutely have a long standing negative connotation. A company has the ability to go bankrupt or close its doors which in turn means a company no longer exists. However, YOU still exist. YOU keep going. YOU can try again.

Because we, as humans, continue to exist, we cannot fail in the same terms as a company may have failed.

It is absolutely true that you may not have succeeded with something you have worked on. However, you and everything that makes you who you are haven’t stopped existing. You haven’t “closed your doors” but it could be true that you may or may not have succeeded at a goal you have established for yourself. In fact, it could be said that through your own failure, another door opens for you!

Maybe you were the leader of a failed company or project. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I’m sure you put a lot of work into your business. But before you try something new, take more than a few moments to reflect on what went wrong. And before you blame others, start with yourself. Ask yourself:

  • What could you have done better?

  • What tasks did you not complete to a high level?

    • Then look at the people around you.

  • Were the people you worked with as prepared as they needed to be?

  • Did their level of work match your level of work?

    • Then look at your circumstances.

  • Were there things out of your control that happened that no one could have predicted?

Once you have reflected and thought through what transpired, go try something new. Try something again with all of the knowledge of what didn’t work. This is why I don’t believe in failure. Now that you have an understanding of what did not work, you can attempt new things with a greater understanding.

For people, failure is a temporary moment and not a final moment.

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