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Make Your Footprints

Life Lessons Learned Beyond The Classroom

Life Skills Book

"Make Your Footprints" is a collection of 18 short parables

for young adults ready to tackle the next challenge in their life. 

Each chapter gives insights into topics that are not typically taught in the classroom which gives the reader a chance to develop and enhance tools necessary to make their own footprints.

This witty, insightful book is a perfect gift for any graduate or young adult making their way through life.

MYF Blog

Make Your Footprints Blog is a collection of fun, insightful, and humorous posts that take a different look at education, parenting, and issues facing our young adults.

Jeremy will never say that his views are the only views. However, have fun reading, contemplating, disagreeing, and possibly taking a nugget to add to your life or situation.



Jeremy is available for guest lectures, leadership clinics, mentorship and consultation. 

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Make Your Footprints?


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